Identity Detective is Digging Deep.

id logo Follow the journey cos the treasure WILL be shared. Your heart may sink or you could pull the plug on the whole thing……Ooooor maybe you will become awash with discoveries. Puns always welcome. CASE OPEN: Case open to all who find it fun to share and witness moments of curiosity, inspiration and realization. The current mission is now set for any identity detective’s near and far to explore. What will we find? …Who knows? Let’s hope it beats finger twiddling.


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!!!!!!STOP AND SEARCH!!!!!

Under the global conciousness act
I am stopping you in your tracks,
Let me check you, pat, pat, pat
A curious human being, I see, who loves learning
Lots of questions inside of you burning
My advice to you is scroll down the blog – have a look, tell me what you see…
Then come back up to these questions and join the Search PaaARTy!
What have you learned?
What do you want?
What don’t you want?
How can you help?

Explore by witnessing our SIX Resident Global Detectives use the  F.L.U.I.D Method  on this here blog or why not try contributing yourself via  I – Detect.

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THE RESIDENT GLOBAL DETECTIVES At present there are five curious collectors who will be blogging from where ever they may be in the world. Their location merely a reflection of where they happen to reside at this moment in time. Watch their contributions each week to see if you can get a sense of who they really are… At present there are contributions from: 

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dutch flag CASE CLOSED: WHEN YOU CRACK THIS! If you have any questions –  ask yourself.


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STOP & SEARCHWhat have you learned?

I have learned that I know nothing! Okay no, I know some things. But I have learned that there is more to know than I can ever know.
I was aware that the world and the universe and all it contains is bigger and more diverse than I can actually imagine. Detecting other humans and their motivations/drives/realities as well as the world we inhabit on behalf of this blog has exposed me to diversity from a new perspective.

I read the article above where science Detectives are exploring and picking apart the ultimate basics of existence to see how we exist, maybe get a hint as to why as well. They think time might run backwards. Mind blowing.

I have learned to accept that I can never fully appreciate and never thoroughly understand every perspective of all realities but that it makes them no less valid. I have learned that being open to the fact they exist is the best way to be a Detective.

I have learned that exploring is the best way to appreciate the diversity as best as I possibly can!

The search is never over// Signing Out// Identity Detective (England)




Hello Dancers, Skaters and Heartbreakers (and anyone else with an -er on the end!),

I am sensing new beginnings and evolution on the cards in this here investigation folder so the question this week was very fitting. Donning my detective hat I set out into the world to ask the world the same question over and over again but I was stopped in my tracks by a ‘homeless’ young man selling poetry in exchange for loose change.

I stopped and enquired about his handwritten notes. I said I’m a poet (my detective front of course) I said ‘Can I take a look?’. He said I can read you one if you want. He read out loud nervously but with passion and apologised after saying he ‘aint very good’. He was. And in the sharing of the poem he answered my question. Here is what he shared…




The note says…

‘Sterio – hyped’

Why oh why do people always judge and automatically think ‘coz I’m on the street…

I must do drugs & drink??

Wel, for you’s I have some news!

I’m over 2 yrs clean & serene,

That’s drug – free & sober : )

But… my life is washed down the Sink or I’m trapped in a nightmare

I just keep praying was OVER.

Thankyou and God Bless


He had hit unintentionally on the image of a sink and seeing beyond  the surface of who people are. That’s it. That’s exactly it and it doesn’t need too much explaining. What people get people get what people need, people need.

So detectives you have cemented with your contributions this week what we kind of already knew. This blog is for all. Regardless of demographic, if you want to time to pause, reflect, wonder, have your voice heard with others around the world who desire the same your welcome to jump on board in anyway you wish.

As evolution takes place pondering will be directed towards how to include non digital natives in the conversation e.g the elderly and ‘homeless’ they both have so much wisdom and understanding of human behavior that goes unmissed. I will also be thinking about bridging the gap between philosophy and useful action. All thoughts, provocation and jokes (why not?) welcome…Till next time here are some Golden Nuggets…

What and who is this blog for?

golden nugget

What we speak becomes the house we live in

golden nugget

To watch what you say to yourself and others.

golden nugget

Words are powers, available to all and used by all.

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As a human being you are gifted with a voice.

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Anyone else who ever felt a little confused, small, minor in the face of the whole earth.

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Anyone who needed a little focus, a little perspective.

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For the poet on the street.

Oh p.s moment! We haven’t done a detective of the week for a while so just wanted to showcase @helleb0re  who tweeted us today a lovely photo of his garden below are his other sharings. Give him a follow he’s a proper detective..


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Who and what is this blog for?

Who? What? (Where? When? Why?)

Everything? Everyone? (The Web? This century? …Because we can?)


Who is this blog for…I suppose anyone else who ever felt a little confused, small, minor in the face of the whole earth.
Or who read some wonderful things about what we know of the solar system and our place in it and went ‘…oh’. Then in the middle of that gargantuan chaos sits humanity and the messes we get in to. Anyone who needed a little focus, a little perspective. This blog helps punch a tiny window into what humans get up to in the whole scheme of things.

How humans interact. The web is the most iconic transformation in human interaction that has occurred in human history, and leagues ahead of telegrams, radio and telephones. In ways that are ever challenging, and provide endless worries and fears for the effect it will have on human behaviour in the future.

It has also provided inclusiveness to the furthest and most isolated humans (bar North Korea), the marginalised have a base to connect on, and the oppressed have accessible tools to discover hope.

This blog is but a wee window amongst reams and reams of internet scribbles and doodles. If it helps anyone it has done a bit of good, if it interests even a single person we’ll be happy.

Signing Out//Identity Detective (England)

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“What we speak becomes the house we live in” 


persian art

Inspired by this quote from the great Persian Sufi poet Hafiz, who lived in the 14th century, I would say that this blog is for taking time to reflect and pause, to watch what you say to yourself and others.

Words are powers, available to all and used by all. As a human being you are gifted with a voice. But what are you a voice for?

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)



what happens if we lose hope?

Read. Think




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homo desperatus – Dries Verhoeven

Lampedusa, Aleppo, Syrian refugees, Fukushima’s nuclear reactor, the parliament buildings in Kiev, a drug clinic in Germany, a collapsed clothing factory in Bangladesh. Childprostitution, homophobia, but also disappaering islands in the pacific, melting glaciers and icecaps and other natural disasters caused by the global climate change….

In Homo Desperatus 44 contemporary disaster zones and humanitarian crises are reconstructed. Each display case is inhabited by an ant colony, about 70.000 ants in total. They populate the places of our human catastrophes.

Ants, like no other animal, know how to cope with disasters. When a nest collapses, they know precisely how to escape from that adversity within a fraction of a second. The individual ant offers itself for the well being of his kind. It drowns itself to build a bridge for the group. When it is sick its congeners bring it to a burial ground to avoid contamination.
An artificial “Sun” moves slowly from east to west through the room and shines on the different locations. The moment a location is lit, a finger-camera switches on, and gives the spot one minute of attention. The video-footage is projected live on screen.

With his installation Dutch visual artist/ theatremaker Dries Verhoeven challenges us to look at the human species.
How do we perceive disasters? And how does the suffering of the individual relate to the continuing existence of the population?
He allows the visitor zoom in and out between analytical distance – such as that of a laboratory – and emotional affection.

 homo desperatus

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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Optimist: We take a deep breath, compose ourselves, and find it again, the tiniest piece is all we need!

Pessimist: We weren’t entirely sure that it wasn’t delusional in the first place.

Realist: Hope doesn’t make things happen, action does. It will unfold the way it unfolds, regardless.


Optimist: It isn’t ever lost, we just can’t always see it clearly.

Pessimist: We try not to rely on it too readily… it can be disappointing.

Realist: Did we actually really need it?


Optimist: To always remain thankful, every day is a gift and hope is everywhere you look!

Pessimist: We don’t hope for anything, it only invites despair.

Realist: We don’t hope, we do.

Signing Out//*Gulp*//Identity Detective (England)

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Lorraine Loots ‘Postcards for Ants’

Less IS possible!

But it in no way means easier.

Beauty and care in detail.

Less can be more, Signing Out//Identity Detective (England)

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When I do my groceries, I often get paralyzed with fear. Fear of the supermarket cashiers. I know, it is totally irrational. But what can I do about it? Every time I put some groceries wrapped in plastic, with extra layers of plastic inside of it – let’s say a box of individually wrapped cookies – on the conveyor belt, I get sweaty hands. With an elevated pulse I expect the cashier to reprimand me in front of all the others….

You, wannabe green conscious consumer, yes YOU.. You know, that you are destroying the planet?“

To be honest, he/she would be totally entitled to say these kind of things! Then how often do I see myself putting cardboard, cellophane, and throwaway plastic trays on the conveyor belt?

stop it

At the height of my panic attacks, a miracle suddenly happened… A light at the end of the tunnel….

They opened the Original Unverpackt (the name translates to “Original Unpackaged”) not too far away from my home!! A novel shop that has dispensed entirely with disposable packaging. Granted, the term “supermarket” might be a little grandiose for this small but tightly packed store, but the concept’s legs are as long as the store’s frontage is narrow.


Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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Less Is More

Be good for the environment

Do good for others

Create spaces

Greaten Love

Something like that