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When I do my groceries, I often get paralyzed with fear. Fear of the supermarket cashiers. I know, it is totally irrational. But what can I do about it? Every time I put some groceries wrapped in plastic, with extra layers of plastic inside of it – let’s say a box of individually wrapped cookies – on the conveyor belt, I get sweaty hands. With an elevated pulse I expect the cashier to reprimand me in front of all the others….

You, wannabe green conscious consumer, yes YOU.. You know, that you are destroying the planet?“

To be honest, he/she would be totally entitled to say these kind of things! Then how often do I see myself putting cardboard, cellophane, and throwaway plastic trays on the conveyor belt?

stop it

At the height of my panic attacks, a miracle suddenly happened… A light at the end of the tunnel….

They opened the Original Unverpackt (the name translates to “Original Unpackaged”) not too far away from my home!! A novel shop that has dispensed entirely with disposable packaging. Granted, the term “supermarket” might be a little grandiose for this small but tightly packed store, but the concept’s legs are as long as the store’s frontage is narrow.


Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)