Hello Dancers, Skaters and Heartbreakers (and anyone else with an -er on the end!),

I am sensing new beginnings and evolution on the cards in this here investigation folder so the question this week was very fitting. Donning my detective hat I set out into the world to ask the world the same question over and over again but I was stopped in my tracks by a ‘homeless’ young man selling poetry in exchange for loose change.

I stopped and enquired about his handwritten notes. I said I’m a poet (my detective front of course) I said ‘Can I take a look?’. He said I can read you one if you want. He read out loud nervously but with passion and apologised after saying he ‘aint very good’. He was. And in the sharing of the poem he answered my question. Here is what he shared…




The note says…

‘Sterio – hyped’

Why oh why do people always judge and automatically think ‘coz I’m on the street…

I must do drugs & drink??

Wel, for you’s I have some news!

I’m over 2 yrs clean & serene,

That’s drug – free & sober : )

But… my life is washed down the Sink or I’m trapped in a nightmare

I just keep praying was OVER.

Thankyou and God Bless


He had hit unintentionally on the image of a sink and seeing beyond  the surface of who people are. That’s it. That’s exactly it and it doesn’t need too much explaining. What people get people get what people need, people need.

So detectives you have cemented with your contributions this week what we kind of already knew. This blog is for all. Regardless of demographic, if you want to time to pause, reflect, wonder, have your voice heard with others around the world who desire the same your welcome to jump on board in anyway you wish.

As evolution takes place pondering will be directed towards how to include non digital natives in the conversation e.g the elderly and ‘homeless’ they both have so much wisdom and understanding of human behavior that goes unmissed. I will also be thinking about bridging the gap between philosophy and useful action. All thoughts, provocation and jokes (why not?) welcome…Till next time here are some Golden Nuggets…

What and who is this blog for?

golden nugget

What we speak becomes the house we live in

golden nugget

To watch what you say to yourself and others.

golden nugget

Words are powers, available to all and used by all.

golden nugget

As a human being you are gifted with a voice.

golden nugget

Anyone else who ever felt a little confused, small, minor in the face of the whole earth.

golden nugget

Anyone who needed a little focus, a little perspective.

golden nugget

For the poet on the street.

Oh p.s moment! We haven’t done a detective of the week for a while so just wanted to showcase @helleb0re  who tweeted us today a lovely photo of his garden below are his other sharings. Give him a follow he’s a proper detective..


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