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STOP & SEARCHWhat have you learned?

I have learned that I know nothing! Okay no, I know some things. But I have learned that there is more to know than I can ever know.
I was aware that the world and the universe and all it contains is bigger and more diverse than I can actually imagine. Detecting other humans and their motivations/drives/realities as well as the world we inhabit on behalf of this blog has exposed me to diversity from a new perspective.

I read the article above where science Detectives are exploring and picking apart the ultimate basics of existence to see how we exist, maybe get a hint as to why as well. They think time might run backwards. Mind blowing.

I have learned to accept that I can never fully appreciate and never thoroughly understand every perspective of all realities but that it makes them no less valid. I have learned that being open to the fact they exist is the best way to be a Detective.

I have learned that exploring is the best way to appreciate the diversity as best as I possibly can!

The search is never over// Signing Out// Identity Detective (England)