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Interrogation techniques…


Question: Are you a feminist?

Answer: OMG, no! Ieeee… feminism is a dirty word! To me it kind of sounds like fascism“

Question: „Do you believe that men and women should have equal rights?“

Answer:„Yes offcourse I do, DUUHHH!“

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Frustrated by the gender straitjacket that still constrains us?


The social pressure to act girly or macho is stronger than you’d think…

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia struggles to please and find approval from both Hamlet and her father and ultimately she loses her sanity and her life. This is a tragedy that is not just familiar from the pages of medieval European history. The tragedy of Ophelia is not over…

And what of Hamlet? What of Ophelia’s brothers? For Hamlet fared little better than Ophelia. Alienated from himself, as well as from his mother and father, he was plagued by doubt and erupted in uncontrolled outbursts. He grew increasingly isolated, desolate, and alone, and those who loved him were never able to get through to him. In the end, he died a tragic and unnecessary death…

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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German stereotypes: don’t mention the sense of humour

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Creating new forms of life: Strandbeest (Theo Jansen)


When we imagine artificial intelligence, we might think of sleek robotics or HAL-like virtual entities. It’s unlikely that many would picture PVC tubes and polymer sails lumbering along a beach. At times marching in step like a troupe of can-can dancers, at other moments jerky and tentative, the beasts are surprisingly quick for their size. They are quiet, too: with no electric parts or motor, they can sneak up on the unwary onlooker.

Jansen, who is 66 years old, has big plans for his creatures. “Within the next 20 years I want the animals to be independent from me, so they take their own decisions – when to walk on the beach, what to anchor themselves against during storms or when to move away from the water.” He acknowledges that he’s trying to accelerate the pace of evolution. “AI means that you teach a beast to learn, and I’m not that far yet. I’d love to go to that stage of evolution, but I’m afraid my animals are still very primitive and you couldn’t even compare them to a worm,” he says. “They’ve only been around for 24 years, and normally evolution takes millions of years. I’ve a very short time – maybe I’ve still got 20 years to live – and I’m in a hurry with the evolution of the beast.”

Jansen began building the Strandbeesten in 1990. Mindful of rising sea levels and what that might mean for the Low Countries, he imagined a race of wind-powered beach creatures that could bring sand from the water’s edge inland to build a never-ending barrier. With his Sisyphean task of dune creation, the Strandbeest was born.

“The first animal in 1990 could only move its legs lying on its back. The leg system evolved in the first couple of years, and then I found better ways to connect the tubes – at first I just used Sellotape to make the connections, and later I found out that you could use heat.” Each October, Jansen starts work on a new beast; the following May, when it is half-finished, he takes it to the beach near where he lives in Scheveningen and sets it free to roam throughout the summer. “In the autumn I’m wiser, and I declare the animal extinct – it becomes a fossil. These fossils go out to the boneyard, which are the exhibitions.”

Although they are still basic, the Strandbeests are now more self-sufficient. “They’ve found better ways to protect themselves against storms, they have sensors that feel the water and feel the hardness of the sand. They’ve become better and better at surviving on the beaches.” One development means they can now walk on soft as well as hard sand. “It’s easy to walk on hard sand because they’re pushed by the wind, but on soft sand they need a special drive system which is driven by pressed air. “Now the animals have a way of storing the wind,” says Jansen. “There are wings which go up and down in the wind, and there are pumps connected to those wings which pump air into bottles at high pressure. The pressed air can drive muscles – ski poles that lift the animal and help push it over the soft sand.”

Jansen often strays into the language of the engineer, and it’s easy to forget that his creatures are also beautiful. “I don’t want to make ‘nice’ animals, I just want to make surviving animals,” he says. “They can be very nasty; my relationship with the beasts is different from what it is with people or animals. They are so low in their evolutionary development I still see them as machines.” Most commentators marvel at how lifelike they are. Jansen, however, is not aiming to mimic the natural world. “I want to forget everything that I know about existing nature. I want to make new animals, and not imitate the old evolution. So any resemblance between a dinosaur and my work is purely coincidence.”

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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Wo ist Wally?


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Objectifying men who objectify women in 3 easy steps:

1. Man sends crude line via internet.

2. Draw him naked.

3. Send portrait to lucky man, enjoy results.


Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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And just as importantly what isn’t it?

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Barbie and Ken: It’s Over

NEW YORK – One of America’s most famous couples is calling it quits. Are you sitting down?

After 43 years together, Barbie and Ken – as in the dolls – have decided that breaking up is hard to do, but do it they must.

Since they’re dolls – and famous – Barbie and Ken had no direct comment about their split at the International Toy Fair, where the bombshell was dropped. The news predictably came from their spokespeople during a press conference Thursday.

“This is an announcement we thought we’d never make,” said Barbie’s publicist, Ken Sunshine. “I will confirm that Ken and Barbie are going to go their separate ways.”

The circumstances surrounding the famous couple’s break were hazy, though their spokespeople assured the press they split up on good terms.

“The flame of love has gone out,” said Ken’s publicist, A. Russell Arons – who doubles as Mattel Inc.’s vice president of marketing for Barbie. “The tolls of Hollywood romance are well known.”

Arons and Sunshine described it as a “sad” and “reflective” day.

Devastated Barbie-and-Ken-friendly homes across the country were suddenly faced with the task of explaining the breakup to their children – and finding separate toy boxes for the pair. Sunshine said he’d been barraged with e-mails from fans.

Arons suggested moms and dads handle it “much like a parent may someday have to explain a divorce” and assure their little girls that Barbie and Ken would always care for each other and be friends.

Cynics called the split a desperate publicity stunt by the couple’s company, Mattel Inc., which has seen Barbie’s popularity and revenues in the U.S. drop recently despite her numerous image makeovers and new products.

But Arons brushed aside the implication that Mattel might toss Barbie out on her ear.

“Mattel would never dump Barbie,” she said.

Barbie was holed up in her Dream House with friends and family, according to Sunshine, who also represents human Hollywood stars Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio. It wasn’t clear where Ken was staying.

A statement the handsome man-doll had prepared was read at the press conference.

“Barbie and I decided to spend some time apart,” the statement read. “She’s got a new look … I’m confident we will always stay friends.”

When asked about the catalyst for the split, Arons simply said it was the “toll of the fourth movie” they starred in together – a musical due out in the fall called “Barbie as The Prince and the Pauper” – and the pressure of being in the limelight.

Sunshine declined to offer specifics on the relationship’s demise, and asked the press to “please, please respect their privacy.”

Sunshine and Arons had no comment as to whether there was another “Ken” in Barbie’s life.

“Barbie is actually going through something difficult,” Arons said, adding that Barbie was just “a woman exercising options.”

But after the news conference, Mattel Girls Division Vice President Julia Jensen dished that in the upcoming months “there may be a new blush in Barbie’s life.”

Longtime rumors surrounding Ken’s androgyny and sexual orientation were quickly dismissed Thursday. Arons said the split had nothing to do with Ken’s sexuality and that the couple loved each other.

“He is not of mixed gender,” she said.

And other whisperings that Barbie and Ken are secretly sister and brother weren’t even touched on.

The couple – whose romance seemed so picture-perfect that other successful pairings in and out of Hollywood were frequently dubbed “Barbie and Ken” – met on the set of their first television commercial in 1961.

Their relationship unfolded much like any other Hollywood romance, though it lasted quite a bit longer. They fell madly in love and quickly became joined at the hip, as the saying goes. They even worked together on several projects. It was a fairytale, really. That is, until the unhappy ending.

Some said the relationship dissolved because the pressure of being in the public eye became too great – even after 43 years. Others gossiped that Ken’s ambiguous sexuality and Barbie’s disproportionate figure finally took their toll.

Still others blamed the break on the fact that Barbie’s career and popularity continued to overshadow Ken’s. Then there were those who maintained that they were just a plastic couple from the beginning.

Ken’s publicist denied that the all-American doll guy felt overshadowed by his gorgeous doll gal.

“For four decades Ken has been a real supporter of Barbie. We’ve all joked about it, but he really enjoyed being Mr. Barbie,” Arons said.

Still, the question remains whether or not Barbie’s fame finally did come between the pair.

“Ken played a role in every movie, but Barbie certainly was the star,” Jensen added later. “But he’s got strong shoulders. I wouldn’t want to put words in his mouth. His official statement is that he’s obviously thrilled with her success.”

The twosome’s relationship might be over, but their troubles aren’t, especially when it comes to the settlement.

They’ll be faced with the task of divvying up the hundreds of possessions they’ve amassed over the years, such as the Barbie Bubble Bath, camper, townhouse and several vehicles.

As for the mansion in Malibu? “The Dream House has always been Barbie’s,” Arons said.

By Catherine Donaldson-Evans,, Published February 13, 2004

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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Good Love Stories never had Happy Endings

By: Aizawa Sakura: Hiro goes to visit royal bastard Yuki. He sure did not see this coming.

“I don´t believe in love.” It sounds annoyingly scientific when he says it. Much like: I don´t believe in ghosts or Newton´s third law of motion states that… clearly, he´s not taking me seriously, and it pisses me of. It´s not like I don´t have anything better to do than spend my free afternoon with him. My first free afternoon since Christmas. Seeing that it´s the middle of May already, that actually means something. I´d very much like to punch him. Right in his face. Guess I´ve never been able to stand him. Instead I swallow and ask calmly:

“How can you say that?”

“It´s true” he answers. Guess I should have seen that coming. He continues: “love doesn´t exist. It´s just a foolish thing which people made up because they thought it was going to make them happier. But clearly it didn´t.”

And Shuichi?” I hiss.

“As I´ve told him, and as I will tell you: I don´t love him. Never have, never will.”

“And what does he feel for you?”

“His naïve imagination.”

“He loves you.”

“I don’t love him.”

It´s hard to restrain from attacking him. Not only has he taken advantage of and hurt my best friend, but he also speaks of it like it means nothing to him. With a smile on his face, no less.

“If you don´t love him, then why do you keep taking him back?” I´ve long wanted to ask that question. How many times has he kicked Shuichi out? And how many times has he taken him back? I have lost count. Yuki´s smile grows wider.

“He´s a good way to kill some time.”


“I said: he´s a good way to kill some time. You may believe that my life as a novelist is all perfect and entertaining, but as a matter of fact, I get bored quite often”.

That´s it. In seconds I have grabbed his collar and pressed him up against the wall.

“You bastard!” O roar, “Is that all he is to you, some freaking toy? You make love to him because you´re bored?”.

He´s not impressed by my sudden outburst.

“My dear Hiroshi-san” he says, and that´s more than enough to make me sick, “I don´t make love to him. I simply fuck him. However and whenever I feel like it.”

He´s going down. I use all my strength along with all my weight as I throw him at the floor. I land atop of him. I grab hold of his wrists and press his arms against the floor so he can´t move. My breathing is harsh. My heartbeat fast.

“Never… never come near him again” I growl, my face just inches from his. He doesn´t move. He does nothing, he looks at me with piercing eyes.

“I have made you angry” he observes.

I don´t answer. I always thought his eyes were blue, at this distance, I can see clearly how wrong I was. They’re green. A light green, with a tad of yellow as well. That doesn´t really surprise me. His paleness, blonde hair and natural grace have always reminded me of a vampire and the eye colour just adds to it. Suddenly I remember the first time I saw him. Saw his picture in one of his books. He might be an ass in person, but physically, he´s rather attractive.

“Fuck you” I say.

He keeps smiling that wicked smile. And I babble:

“Come on man, you´ve built you´re living on love. If you don’t believe in it, how come you´re so freaking good at writing those sappy stories?”

“You´ve read my novels, Hiroshi?” Oh no, I´m not owing up to that one.

“A few of them” I say.

“Then you know what they are. Sappy love stories you call them. That´s not true. They’re heart wrecking love stories. Or so my fans say. As well as the critics. Not sappy. Good.”

“Good? They´re not good! They’re unhappy and depressing. I can´t believe people actually like them!”

“They all have good endings.”

“They do not!”

“They have. There´s a difference between good endings and happy endings. My novels have good endings. Not one of them happy ones.” My grip of his wrists have loosened. Slowly he frees his arms and places them behind his head before he continues:

“Think of it, love stories never have happy endings.”

“They do” I hear myself saying.

“Not the good ones.”

And which are the good ones?”

“Romeo and Juliet.”

“That´s a tragedy, it´s supposed to be unhappy.”

“It´s also considered the number one love story of all times.” He´s right of course.

“When it comes to love” he says “many stories end unhappily.”

“That doesn´t mean it has to end unhappily in reality too” I try.

“I thought you said I should never get close to Shuichi again.”

“I did. But he won´t give up on you.”

“Of course he won´t. He can´t.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I´ve got my charm. People can´t help but get attracted to me.” I can´t believe him. Time to punch his face in, it seems.

“Your charm! More your looks. It´s really all there is to you. All you have is a pretty face.” He chuckles.

“Isn´t it funny, that even though you´re on top, you still feel submissive towards me?” He has moved his arm, placed his hand on my tight.

“Get away from me!” I say.

“I can´t” he answers, smiling, “I´m pinned to the ground here.”

I pull myself up straighter. Away from him. And that´s when he attacks me. In seconds, our positions have been reversed. I´m lying on the floor, Yuki on top of me. His eyes narrowed.

“That got uncomfortable?” he asks, his face so close to mine that our noses nearly teach each other.

“That was intended for” I answer, almost brushing my lips against his.

“What happened to Romeo and Juliet?” he asks.

“Died” I say.

“And the girl in Hamlet? What´s her name?”



“Killed herself?”


“Killed her children.”

“Kill your darlings.”


“You see, there is no such thing as love. Just physical attraction.” He whispers. I blush. He´s too close, his voice to coarse, his body against mine. My heart beat is picking up.

“You see” he says again, “you´re coming on to me, and that definitely doesn´t have anything to do with love.”

“Get… of… me. Please”

“How does good love stories always end?”

“Someone dies?”

“Yes, either that, or the hero makes out with the heroine´s best friend.”

He bites hard on my lower lip. His tongue touches mine. I guess it was foolish to believe I could make him understand. Foolish to believe I could make Yuki change his mind. I set out to help Shuichi, now it seems like I will only succeed in hurting him even more.


Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)

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thuis voelen

Where is home?

“Home . . . is a place, a site in which we live. But, more than this, home is also an idea and an imaginary that is imbued with feelings. These may be feelings of belonging, desire and intimacy (as, for instance, in the phrase ‘feeling at home’), but can also be feelings of fear, violence and alienation (Blunt and Varley 2004: 3). These feelings, ideas and imaginaries are intrinsically spatial. Home is thus a spatial imaginary: a set of intersecting and variable ideas and feelings, which are related to context, and which construct places, extend across spaces and scales, and connect places” (Blunt and Dowling 2006, 2).

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)