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Less Is More

Be good for the environment

Do good for others

Create spaces

Greaten Love

Something like that



Sometimes when I swim there is a moment that I feel that I took a breath, and I only realize it when it passed. An unconscious underwater breath. My imagination is wonderful, and I wonder and secretly believe it happens.


come across sympathetic magic

…’that like produces like, or that an effect resembles its cause; and, second, that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed…’

So that’s how it works!


I don’t get it?

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That’s a game picked up during grape picking in france this summer: make sentences using words that all start with the same letter.

it’s a continuous game!

I have the luck of being surrounded by mountains, snow and nature. As soon as I step out the door it’s playtime! In Swiss alps.

Lately playing wilderness is number one: see how efficient my body can be crawling up steep areas, going from motionless to quick launch, going as slowly as possible in continuous flow.
Looking around with attention on the perifery of my vision (opposite of tunnelfocus)
go through the woods like a predator, relaxed and paying attention to movement around.

Can I do something (dance/draw) without thinking a second ahead? (finding myself following (not leading) what I do)

A new one is going to be:
How to get things rolling, happening while doing as little as possible? So do more by doing less principle.

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Maybe because our attitude from the start is already a tragic one.
In our lives we are not satisfied and content, thus in love we seek lightness.
But by going about it with that kind of an attitude, the basic attitude is tragedy. It doesn`t go together with real lightness.
(look at the disney movies, `my life will be wonderful once my prince comes.`he comes and everything is fine and light)

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Opposites often are.

Part of me tries to find love in one person, this person with whom I will enjoy life more and things will be lighter. I won`t be lonely anymore. This prince in shining armor on his mighty steed.
And as it makes me sad to see people around me paring up. I notice that there are many opportunities that I can do so as well.. The thing is, I don`t desire to loose myself in a romance and lust so much anymore.
I very much enjoy loving every person around me as it comes and not making movies or believing the movies that wish for more.
I`m faced with aloneness as I find myself surrounded by love and togetherness.

Life is a lovestory, there is no end and no beginning. Rumi has a nice poem about the waterwheel:

                                                                     Stay together, friends.
Don’t scatter and sleep.
Our friendship is made
of being awake.
The waterwheel accepts water
  and turns and gives it away,
That way it stays in the garden,
whereas another roundness rolls
  through a dry riverbed looking
for what it thinks it wants.
Stay here, quivering with each moment
like a drop of mercury.

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It´s just the way of existence. We are Born, we die. Entropy, negentropy.

The earth is an organism! This came to me while sitting. and after the movie ´how to Train your Dragon 2´ and listening to Alan Watts where he speaks about looking at things through a microscope, normally and from far off.. that you can observe the same Patterns.

Patterns I see are: the earth has a ´kern´, as does a cell. There is Magma that is continuously flowing, like life fluid (blood). It has a crust like a Skin that renews itself. Trees have the same structure as lungs do. All organisms have a function in the ecosystem. Humans are a bit funny though.. seems that our behaviour resembles that of cancercells.. suffocating other organs as do Tumors (when there are so many cancercells they respess nearby organs).. Tumors create energychannels, bloodvessels to the Tumor so they suck a lot of energy that ususally get distributed, this resembles cities and how we are exploiting natural recourses..

If what we see on big scale is the same on small scale.. the earth has cancer, we have cancer, our Dogs have cancer.. maybe we can turn this around, heal the earth, be part of the bigger whole.. instead of maddened maligne tumorcells.

If just the clothing industry would stop right now, we could do with all the clothes that are here now for at least a decade, I´m sure!

Lets go for permanent culture!

We can slow down, like in this movie about saint Francis where he sings a song about doing things slowly and with Attention. Move slower and with just Attention to what we are doing (this is a very difficult Task believe me), Gurdjieff.. Taoism can be helpful.

Don´t be friendly. Be Real.

The City is a very challenging place. Most anti-biotic place. Monoculture of People, here and there a tree, a dog, a bird, like weeds. The soil isn´t very rich, mostly Stone and toxic stuff. In Need of compost! hmm.. compost is decaying life..

seems to fit the circle?

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Ask tastebuds and belly

go into the garden and taste the outdoors greens

bring some in

follow the nose around the kitchen

continuously asking tastebuds and belly

If there is a lightbulb, might already have an experiment just materializing it

otherwise, continue to follow nose, tastebuds and belly

There will probably be a little video coming up the coming week. Nomadding again

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The world to explore

Eyes with which I can see

Ears with which I can listen


Sensitivity to feel

A nose to guide

Vocal cords to make sounds

A mind to process stuff and put stuff together and create

And it all encompasses you and me and earth to experience

One thing that isn’t given is presence of being

It just IS

And that is a gift

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Reading the other two posts on this there is nothing left for me to add.

Germany hit the nail right on the head! And England just added some practicalities!

Laughing is FUN and creates more of it!

This jolting, pumping movement that the body makes and the sound that erupts like burps and all just lightens up. Creating more of this jiggling and bubbling and it flows over!