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STOP & SEARCHWhat have you learned?

I have learned that I know nothing! Okay no, I know some things. But I have learned that there is more to know than I can ever know.
I was aware that the world and the universe and all it contains is bigger and more diverse than I can actually imagine. Detecting other humans and their motivations/drives/realities as well as the world we inhabit on behalf of this blog has exposed me to diversity from a new perspective.

I read the article above where science Detectives are exploring and picking apart the ultimate basics of existence to see how we exist, maybe get a hint as to why as well. They think time might run backwards. Mind blowing.

I have learned to accept that I can never fully appreciate and never thoroughly understand every perspective of all realities but that it makes them no less valid. I have learned that being open to the fact they exist is the best way to be a Detective.

I have learned that exploring is the best way to appreciate the diversity as best as I possibly can!

The search is never over// Signing Out// Identity Detective (England)


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Who and what is this blog for?

Who? What? (Where? When? Why?)

Everything? Everyone? (The Web? This century? …Because we can?)


Who is this blog for…I suppose anyone else who ever felt a little confused, small, minor in the face of the whole earth.
Or who read some wonderful things about what we know of the solar system and our place in it and went ‘…oh’. Then in the middle of that gargantuan chaos sits humanity and the messes we get in to. Anyone who needed a little focus, a little perspective. This blog helps punch a tiny window into what humans get up to in the whole scheme of things.

How humans interact. The web is the most iconic transformation in human interaction that has occurred in human history, and leagues ahead of telegrams, radio and telephones. In ways that are ever challenging, and provide endless worries and fears for the effect it will have on human behaviour in the future.

It has also provided inclusiveness to the furthest and most isolated humans (bar North Korea), the marginalised have a base to connect on, and the oppressed have accessible tools to discover hope.

This blog is but a wee window amongst reams and reams of internet scribbles and doodles. If it helps anyone it has done a bit of good, if it interests even a single person we’ll be happy.

Signing Out//Identity Detective (England)

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How do I annoy people? Unintentionally!

Dawdling on the pavement… Daydreamwalking into people… Using the last of the milk… Forgetting to put the bins out… Sleeping toooooo long… Stopping them from licking the side of the fridge (this applies more to smallish people)… Taking too long to respond… Responding internally instead of externally… Trying to put their pants on (again… more for smallish people)… But generally, on the whole, almost exclusively… Unintentionally! Signing Out//Ooh sorry… woops…//Identity Detective (England)

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Fact – We do theatre to communicate. The world is massive. The universe is bigger. When we pause to stop and think about the magnitude of existence and everything therein its enormity is consuming. Think a moment about the size of the universe. Comprehending its size is out of our capability, only numbers can suffice to represent it. Reflect a moment about a patch of land, how many feet have walked upon it, how the land has risen and fallen, the plants grown and paved over and dug up. Was it a bog once? Did somebody live here, or have barely any souls stepped across it even to this day? Was there water ten feet over my head here once, where people fished? If people walked this path, where were they going, what did they care about? Just a little thing to think about… How do you understand the people around you? Empathy is natural and the skill grows with maturity, we learn to empathise rather well with those around us. How do you begin to understand somebody who has lived a very different life to you, walked different paths and empathised with utterly different people? We step back to our commonality, humanity. We share humanity, we are all human. We have the same basic needs, and that is the first way we empathise; those that need food, water, shelter. We empathise next with the way we feel; we all feel sadness, happiness, fear, boredom, tiredness, nausea, pain, pins and needles… We all live in a society, living together on a planet with different cultures home to different societies, yet all essentially rubbing shoulders, moving together through life as it is. Moving past one another day to day with the same basic needs, the same human feelings, unable to know and care for, empathise with everyone we pass because the world is huge, just like the universe. Theatre helps us communicate humanity, question humanity, explore humanity, when otherwise we could just pass it by, rubbing shoulders and forgetting faces until it’s all done. Theatre lover, human explorer, Signing Out// Identity Detective (England)

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Received Yesterday 15:52, Sam:

The conversation came up on

one of those nights, between

my girlfriend and I. The

moment when you realise you

should have stopped drinking

and gone to bed several hours

ago had just arrived, and one of

the music videos we were

singing to and talking about

had led to the conversation

about our biggest fears.

She spoke about how she was

scared of her mother dying,

scared of her brother dying,

and scared for all of the people

in the world that need help. All

fair fears to have.

The conversation naturally

turned to my fears. Oddly, none

came to mind, but determined

not to look like a stereotypical

male who declares himself

fearless, I racked my brain until

at last it hit me, my big fear.

To give this some context, I am

genuinely not afraid of death, or

the death of my loved ones, We

are all, I believe, at terms with it.

Neither am I scared of time or

its unrelenting passing.That

said, there is a thought that

haunts and terrifies me. The

thought is simple – that one

day, I will wake up and I will be 

45 years old and I know I will

regret everything I did and

wonder about everything I

could’ve done, despite living a

good, and full life now. I know

on that day when I wake, it 

won’t make sense to me that

today’s today will be the

future’s yesterday. I won’t

understand why I woke up 45

years old, after falling asleep as

a 22 year old. I’m not worried I’ll

go through this alone, or in an

unhappy family, I am just 

disturbed by the inevitability of

it, and I try not to make it a self 

fulfilling prophecy but as we all

well know, fear, paranoia and

anxiety needs no reason.

Fear. The unknown. Can’t stop interrogation until more is revealed. More to come…

SIGHning out//Identity Detective ENGLAND

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‘Can you share a song, image or words that remind you of a happy memory?’


In the morning, earliest (clearest? profound?) and first conscious thoughts of the day, and I leave to visit myself a hemisphere away.

Shhh there are no cars around now. Morning is now night, I am walking down a road in a tiny town with no street lamps towards my end of the road, no tarmac either and a lot of pot holes.


I am very small compared to the scene above me. No street lights means the sky lights are blazing.

I am really very small, and the trilling washing beating music means I have to stop so I don’t fall over because I really do have to appreciate this. Thing.

This everything!

I am a wee dot and my everything is nothing, or next to, in light of this… all.

I never got to see the sky twinkle this way until I came here, and as I lie in the morning a hemisphere away awash with light and bright and deafening AM in my face, ahh I sigh. That really was just.


Music morning clarity.

(let’s get perSPECtive)// Signing Out. Identity Detective (ENGLAND)

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