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How do I annoy people? Unintentionally!

Dawdling on the pavement… Daydreamwalking into people… Using the last of the milk… Forgetting to put the bins out… Sleeping toooooo long… Stopping them from licking the side of the fridge (this applies more to smallish people)… Taking too long to respond… Responding internally instead of externally… Trying to put their pants on (again… more for smallish people)… But generally, on the whole, almost exclusively… Unintentionally! Signing Out//Ooh sorry… woops…//Identity Detective (England)



7:00 am Monday morning You’re Driving Me Crazy!


Almost toppling over a pair of dirty socks and a boxer lying in front of the bathroom door, I notice my flatmate is already awake. A bit annoyed, I open the door and discover, that my flatmate also already used toilet, shower and sink, then: 1. toilet paper is untraceable, 2. unexplainable puddles of water are on the floor in front of the shower, 3. stubble hairs are all over the sink.

Phew… I already told him a thousand times: first I tried ‘the funny way’ (where´s the toilet paper, you´re playing mummy?), then with friendly reminders (I would also like to use some toilet paper in the morning), then notes in the bathroom (leave toilet paper in toilet paper holder!!), then writing messages (can´t find toilet paper, that is very inconvenient). But this morning, he makes my blood boil. I start screaming. And I know, I am overreacting, as I hear the words `never´, `always´, `every time´ coming out of my mouth extremely loud.

Evidently, these problems are no big problems. I could have handled it, like I did before: find another roll of toilet paper, tell him that it bothers me and that´s it. But this time, I explode.

The diagnose is clear: “social allergy.” As with physical allergens, the first exposure produces a small negative reaction, but each subsequent contact increases sensitivity. That, Dr. Michael Cunningham says, is why people can explode over what seem like tiny infractions. The first wet towel on the bathroom floor is mildly irritating; the hundredth can unleash a hypersensitive reaction.

My behaviour is also very normal. The way allergic people react to peanuts, I react to my flatmate.

8:00 am Monday morning Upps.. Sorry


Still puffed-up with anger I get on my bike and start pedalling. In an attempt to ventilate my emotions, I decide to ride on the road, instead of the bicycle lane. To be even faster I jump over the red light. Thinking that nobody noticed me…. Untill an angry driver honks and I can clearly hear someone screaming: you annoying bloody ciclist, get off yer bike!!”.

Signing out.//Identity Detective (Germany)