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To know What Life Has to Offer

kleine sofie en lange wapper

Kleine Sofie en Lange Wapper 

Heavily implied to be dying of cancer, Sophie, a curious little girl, spends her days in bed. One night she’s awakened by the bustle of her many toys gathering in front of a small theater. Terror, her cat, is presenting a play about What Life Has to Offer, and Sophie -wanting to find out what’s „for sale in life“ and.. what comes after life- finds herself part of the cast. As August the clown and the puppet Death roll the scenery, the play comes alive, and Sophie experiences a riotous journey through a carnival of life. In the space of one night, she becomes acquainted with extreme poverty, death, sex, betrayal, and decadence; she loses her hair, ends up in an orphanage for “kids that came out wrong”, is thrown in jail, gets lost at sea, and in the end, dies in reality. But because of what she’s learned in her imaginary travels, she’s able to imagine a happy ending for herself, and dreams of driving off on a new adventure with her new friends.

kleine sofie en lange wapper 1

Els Pelgrom & The Tjong Khing

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