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Optimist: We take a deep breath, compose ourselves, and find it again, the tiniest piece is all we need!

Pessimist: We weren’t entirely sure that it wasn’t delusional in the first place.

Realist: Hope doesn’t make things happen, action does. It will unfold the way it unfolds, regardless.


Optimist: It isn’t ever lost, we just can’t always see it clearly.

Pessimist: We try not to rely on it too readily… it can be disappointing.

Realist: Did we actually really need it?


Optimist: To always remain thankful, every day is a gift and hope is everywhere you look!

Pessimist: We don’t hope for anything, it only invites despair.

Realist: We don’t hope, we do.

Signing Out//*Gulp*//Identity Detective (England)


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Lorraine Loots ‘Postcards for Ants’

Less IS possible!

But it in no way means easier.

Beauty and care in detail.

Less can be more, Signing Out//Identity Detective (England)

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How do I annoy people? Unintentionally!

Dawdling on the pavement… Daydreamwalking into people… Using the last of the milk… Forgetting to put the bins out… Sleeping toooooo long… Stopping them from licking the side of the fridge (this applies more to smallish people)… Taking too long to respond… Responding internally instead of externally… Trying to put their pants on (again… more for smallish people)… But generally, on the whole, almost exclusively… Unintentionally! Signing Out//Ooh sorry… woops…//Identity Detective (England)

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Fact – We do theatre to communicate. The world is massive. The universe is bigger. When we pause to stop and think about the magnitude of existence and everything therein its enormity is consuming. Think a moment about the size of the universe. Comprehending its size is out of our capability, only numbers can suffice to represent it. Reflect a moment about a patch of land, how many feet have walked upon it, how the land has risen and fallen, the plants grown and paved over and dug up. Was it a bog once? Did somebody live here, or have barely any souls stepped across it even to this day? Was there water ten feet over my head here once, where people fished? If people walked this path, where were they going, what did they care about? Just a little thing to think about… How do you understand the people around you? Empathy is natural and the skill grows with maturity, we learn to empathise rather well with those around us. How do you begin to understand somebody who has lived a very different life to you, walked different paths and empathised with utterly different people? We step back to our commonality, humanity. We share humanity, we are all human. We have the same basic needs, and that is the first way we empathise; those that need food, water, shelter. We empathise next with the way we feel; we all feel sadness, happiness, fear, boredom, tiredness, nausea, pain, pins and needles… We all live in a society, living together on a planet with different cultures home to different societies, yet all essentially rubbing shoulders, moving together through life as it is. Moving past one another day to day with the same basic needs, the same human feelings, unable to know and care for, empathise with everyone we pass because the world is huge, just like the universe. Theatre helps us communicate humanity, question humanity, explore humanity, when otherwise we could just pass it by, rubbing shoulders and forgetting faces until it’s all done. Theatre lover, human explorer, Signing Out// Identity Detective (England)

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Detectives – Who are they?

Identity Detective, What do you look like?

what do you look like?

Where are you from?

where are you from 3

What keeps you awake?

what are you going to do tomorrow

Can you show us something you made yourself?

made yourself

What mystifies you?

baffles you

What are you going to do tomorrow?


Swinging out.//Identity Detective (Germany)