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Optimist: We take a deep breath, compose ourselves, and find it again, the tiniest piece is all we need!

Pessimist: We weren’t entirely sure that it wasn’t delusional in the first place.

Realist: Hope doesn’t make things happen, action does. It will unfold the way it unfolds, regardless.


Optimist: It isn’t ever lost, we just can’t always see it clearly.

Pessimist: We try not to rely on it too readily… it can be disappointing.

Realist: Did we actually really need it?


Optimist: To always remain thankful, every day is a gift and hope is everywhere you look!

Pessimist: We don’t hope for anything, it only invites despair.

Realist: We don’t hope, we do.

Signing Out//*Gulp*//Identity Detective (England)


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Received Yesterday 15:52, Sam:

The conversation came up on

one of those nights, between

my girlfriend and I. The

moment when you realise you

should have stopped drinking

and gone to bed several hours

ago had just arrived, and one of

the music videos we were

singing to and talking about

had led to the conversation

about our biggest fears.

She spoke about how she was

scared of her mother dying,

scared of her brother dying,

and scared for all of the people

in the world that need help. All

fair fears to have.

The conversation naturally

turned to my fears. Oddly, none

came to mind, but determined

not to look like a stereotypical

male who declares himself

fearless, I racked my brain until

at last it hit me, my big fear.

To give this some context, I am

genuinely not afraid of death, or

the death of my loved ones, We

are all, I believe, at terms with it.

Neither am I scared of time or

its unrelenting passing.That

said, there is a thought that

haunts and terrifies me. The

thought is simple – that one

day, I will wake up and I will be 

45 years old and I know I will

regret everything I did and

wonder about everything I

could’ve done, despite living a

good, and full life now. I know

on that day when I wake, it 

won’t make sense to me that

today’s today will be the

future’s yesterday. I won’t

understand why I woke up 45

years old, after falling asleep as

a 22 year old. I’m not worried I’ll

go through this alone, or in an

unhappy family, I am just 

disturbed by the inevitability of

it, and I try not to make it a self 

fulfilling prophecy but as we all

well know, fear, paranoia and

anxiety needs no reason.

Fear. The unknown. Can’t stop interrogation until more is revealed. More to come…

SIGHning out//Identity Detective ENGLAND