Identity Detective is Digging Deep.

id logo Follow the journey cos the treasure WILL be shared. Your heart may sink or you could pull the plug on the whole thing……Ooooor maybe you will become awash with discoveries. Puns always welcome. CASE OPEN: Case open to all who find it fun to share and witness moments of curiosity, inspiration and realization. The current mission is now set for any identity detective’s near and far to explore. What will we find? …Who knows? Let’s hope it beats finger twiddling.


stop sign

!!!!!!STOP AND SEARCH!!!!!

Under the global conciousness act
I am stopping you in your tracks,
Let me check you, pat, pat, pat
A curious human being, I see, who loves learning
Lots of questions inside of you burning
My advice to you is scroll down the blog – have a look, tell me what you see…
Then come back up to these questions and join the Search PaaARTy!
What have you learned?
What do you want?
What don’t you want?
How can you help?

Explore by witnessing our SIX Resident Global Detectives use the  F.L.U.I.D Method  on this here blog or why not try contributing yourself via  I – Detect.

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THE RESIDENT GLOBAL DETECTIVES At present there are five curious collectors who will be blogging from where ever they may be in the world. Their location merely a reflection of where they happen to reside at this moment in time. Watch their contributions each week to see if you can get a sense of who they really are… At present there are contributions from: 

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dutch flag CASE CLOSED: WHEN YOU CRACK THIS! If you have any questions –  ask yourself.