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Who and what is this blog for?

Who? What? (Where? When? Why?)

Everything? Everyone? (The Web? This century? …Because we can?)


Who is this blog for…I suppose anyone else who ever felt a little confused, small, minor in the face of the whole earth.
Or who read some wonderful things about what we know of the solar system and our place in it and went ‘…oh’. Then in the middle of that gargantuan chaos sits humanity and the messes we get in to. Anyone who needed a little focus, a little perspective. This blog helps punch a tiny window into what humans get up to in the whole scheme of things.

How humans interact. The web is the most iconic transformation in human interaction that has occurred in human history, and leagues ahead of telegrams, radio and telephones. In ways that are ever challenging, and provide endless worries and fears for the effect it will have on human behaviour in the future.

It has also provided inclusiveness to the furthest and most isolated humans (bar North Korea), the marginalised have a base to connect on, and the oppressed have accessible tools to discover hope.

This blog is but a wee window amongst reams and reams of internet scribbles and doodles. If it helps anyone it has done a bit of good, if it interests even a single person we’ll be happy.

Signing Out//Identity Detective (England)


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