Identity Detective.

But first…

What is identity?

Welcome to…

The Sink – Slightly Tapped.


Who is Identity Detective?

Identity Detective is NOT your Average Joe.
Identity Detective is not a spy, family search agency or part of government surveillance!
Identity Detective will NOT be sent by Special Delivery.
Identity Detective canNOT be Genetically Modified.
Identity Detective will NOT have their cake and eat it but bake their cake and share it.
Identity Detective is NOT available to sort out your ‘issues’.
Identity Detective IS home and homeless.
Identity Detective IS capable of contradiction on own terms.
Identity Detective IS your imaginary friend (and your imaginary friend IS real).
Identity Detective IS trying and most of the time failing.
Identity Detective is i.d
i.d is here and now.

What is The Sink?

The Sink is a digital playground where people who enjoy noticing weird, quirky and inspiring things can share these moments collectively in response to a weekly mission.


Resident detectives upload weekly evidence using the F.L.U.I.D method below and you…yes…that’s you..can get involved and start sharing here too.

Starting 2014.

Search. Witness. Contribute.

There is a case to be cracked. So crack on and find out what it is! The blog is filling up with clues.

And if I have a question, idea, or comment what should I do?


Thanks Identity Detective.

Thank you. Good Luck.

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So here goes The Sink or should I say The Think. Identity Detective’s have thoughts, too many thoughts. Sometimes said aloud. Or Mmm mmm mumbled. And – er sometimes they drift and disappear into the ether. But now they can be casually compiled on to this official Bloggy Woggy Investigation Folder.

As a detective – a role employed via our imagination, We will gather evidence from the 7 day week and pick subjects to decode. No stone will be left unturned. A spotlight will be shone in the eye of er [insert something profound].

The findings will then be evaluated EVERY SUNDAY to bring out some refreshing and comical insights from around the world.

Prepare your kit: A magnifying glass, some tweezers (For intricate observations) and a Kit Kat Chunky. (Even Agatha Christie’s investigations were said to be sustained by copious amounts of Turkish Delight).

Now I don’t want you to worry – you are in safe hands(ish). You will be fully qualified in Detectory if…

1.You know all your neighbours extended families business


2. You are extremely curious and a little bit silly.

We will use the widely practised F.L.U.I.D Method:

letter f

FACTS – Not guaranteed to be backed up by evidence.

letter l

LIGHTBULBSMoments of light – Whoop!

letter u

UNEARTHING – Past digging and searching laid bare.

letter i

INTERROGATIONS – Interviews with those in the know – We’ll crack the *ast*rds.

letter d

DISCOVERIES – Findings on road.

Now and again a community effort may be required in the form of a STOP & SEARCH (Only virtual groping I promise) but more on that when the time arises.

For now sit back, glance at what has been discovered so far, and remember to pop back every SUNDAY for the latest round up. If you are inspired to become a real world identity detective yourself shimmy over to I-detect for your top secret -ish mission.

Signing Out. // Identity Detective.

Case always: OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Lets start big but simple, simple but big, you getting me.

Now I am not being funny (As in i’m deeply serious) but ever since I was a mini Sherlock full of cynicism and contempt for the adult perspective, I have wondered about one thing. This wondering has reappeared in the past few days of my existence into a question.

Where the fook are we??

Sorry let me rephrase – ahem. What I mean is we are on a big ball, rotating let me add, meaning its moooving, we are on this big ball, that is wait for it….in the the middle of NOWHERE and I aint even finished! – Nobody is saying anything! Not a peep. I feel like someone has organised a suprise party where everyone is gonna jump out and go ‘SURPRISE! -We knew reaaally silly’. I mean I am not suggesting everyone run around screaming going ‘Get me off, I said get me off!’. But maybe a slight casual reference now and again would be nice. Y’know a knowing nod to the shopkeeper that expresses ‘Mate don’t worry I can’t believe it either’.

How can I live a stable existence? I like to know where I am, what I’m doing – wait a minute where I am?! – Please see previous rant. This is a hard one to decode as there are a lot of porky pies flying about me thinks. A lot of pretending going on I sense. Of which I have classified after long contemplation as Dooby – Dooing.

Dooby – Dooing example: Wake up, dooby doo, go to work, dooby doo, come home, dooby doo, have some food, dooby doo, get ready for bed, dooby doo, go to sleep, dooby doo, wake up, dooby doo, go to work, dooby doo – NO MORE DOOBY DOOOOOOAHHH!

A more efficient days investigation would be: Wake up. Cool. Realise for the first time that you are floating in the middle of space. Okay. Feel a bit uneasy. Right. Ring the police. Serious. Arrange a global committee meeting. Fine. Get someone to figure it out. Phew. Go to bed with a confirmed sense of your existence = Good nights sleep.

How can I believe in the facts I was presented with as a child when at one point we thought the world was flat.

Scientists they have a go. Philosophers they have a go. Detectives well we….we might not always get results but we never dooby doo.


So to remedy this chronic case of Dooby Doo we are going to do what human beings do best and that is use our IMAGINATION. Obviously a new concept right? ; ) Over the space of 2014 we will be looking to recruit 6 Resident Detective’s to blog from different parts of the world.

The Resident detectives will be given a top secret mission (its not secret but it adds to the allure)  and will be providing the content you will witness on this blog.

Fancy being a Resident Detective? Send and email to info@identitydetective with Resident Detective in the Subject box expressing your interest.

Want to find clues on your travels or nearby where you live JOIN IN

Want some inspiration to get you in the mood….? Patsy Rodenburg tells us what to listen out for as we start this epic journey….

Keep searching. Signing Out. // Identity Detective